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Fenfast 375

Begin your weight loss journey with a bottle of Phen375! Made in an FDA approved environment that helps in dealing the weight loss process. To know more, read on the list of ingredients, benefits, side effects of this supplement.

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Here’s Fenfast 375 that is the ultimate weight loss product for your body that helps you to provide a lean body without giving you any side effects. A product from Intechra health, Fenfast 375 is silently but strongly becoming popular among people due to its proven weight loss techniques. Read more about Fenfast 375 such as where to buy Fenfast 375, Fenfast Coupon code or Fenfast reviews.

Weight loss is ‘in’ these days and I’m sure many of you will agree with it. You must have tried variety of pills, diet plans, vigorous exercise and what not. Though many of you feel they have lost weight, many feel they have not yet reached the desired heights.

Being obese is not all your fault. There are many factors that contribute to overweight problems such as hereditary, thyroid, overeating, lack of exercise etc. But no point crying over spilled milk and its time to mend these issues. There are many who claim that Obesity (Overweight) is not a factor of emotional anymore but physical too. There are many people who behave irrationally to overweight which can lower the person’s self-confidence. Physical factors come into fore when the people reach certain age and start suffering from various health problems. Its upto you and ONLY YOU to take the necessary results.

So if you are the one who are feeling:

  • sad and desperate to lose weight soon
  • overweight but finding it hard to lose some if not all
  • find it difficult to control the appetite or your craving at unwanted timings
  • want to try weight loss pills but fear the side effects that come with it
  • desire to achieve the perfect figure

then, Fenfast 375 is there for you.

Fenfast 375 is one of the powerful diet pills in the market which acts absolutely safe on your body without giving you any side effects. It is one of the best alternatives to many weight loss pills such as Adipex or Phentermine. This means you can exercise more without feeling tired or lethargic.

Fenfast 375 comes in white with blue speck tablets which is easy to consume and burns the fat in your body without posing much trouble to your body. Fenfast 375 claims to help you lose upto 15-25 pounds in a month.

Fenfast 375 ingredients

The ingredients of Fenfast 375 comprise of unique formulae which contains varied benefits. Some of them are:

  • DL-Phenylalanine – is actually an amino acid and helps in decreasing the appetite. When your unwanted cravings shrink, this will automatically the appetite which will help you to lose weight easily. DL-Phenylalanine in Fenfast 375 also helps in increasing the calories that are to be burned which will help in proper weight loss.
  • Hordenine HCI – An active ingredient in weight loss, Hordenine HCI in Fenfast 375 and is one of the vital components in weight loss industry. Often found in many plants, Hordenine HCI often has undergone many tests to determine the correct dosage. But of lately, Hordenine HCI is used as a stand alone ingredient due to its effectiveness in supporting fat burning. It also helps in boosting the energy levels not to mention it is a complete mood enhancer.
  • 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine – or better known as Caffeine anhydrous is a synthetic stimulant which is an included ingredient in Fenfast 375. It triggers positive reactions in your body that can be utilized by the person to overcome difficult stages of weight loss. You will notice that Trimethylxanthine in Fenfast 375 will help in reducing waistline, burning fat inn the most stubborn areas you had found it difficult to lose. Another point to be noted is Trimethylxanthine induces a process known as thermogenesis which is the process of provoking more heat in your body that will help in burning fat much more easily than ever. But do not worry this does not in any way make you less fatigued. It also inhibits metabolic syndrome.

In short, some of the Fenfast benefits when you buy Fenfast 375 are:

When you buy Fenfast 375, you can be sure that your healthy and body are in good hands. For instance, one user of Fenfast 375 claims that Fenfast 375 works psychologically too but motivating the self-confidence levels that was initially down due to the “obese” factor. When you look yourself and feel good, there is nothing that surpasses that feeling which automatically raises the belief in oneself. This in turn benefits your social network, relationships etc.

Those who are planning to buy Fenfast 375 but need a proper planning, Intechra Health also has various tools such as BMI calculator, Calories Burned calculator, waist to hip calculator and many more which gives you a good estimate by calculating your weight, the required fat to be burned, daily calorie intake and other features. Simply enter the measurement and you will get a complete personalized information regarding the prompt queries.

There are many who say that when you buy Fenfast 375 make sure you buy the caffeine free version of Fenfast 375 but it is not possible as caffeine anhydrous is the one that makes the product – Fenfast 375 a powerful weight loss product.

Fenfast 375 dosage

The recommended dosage is consuming two tablets of Fenfast 375 with 8oz of water two times a day half an hour. You are also recommended to follow low calorie diet along with exercise program. DO NOTE that you should NOT consume Fenfast 375 within 5 hours of sleep. Also, DO NOT consume Fenfast 375 as a double dose if you miss a dose.

It is always advised to consult your medical practitioner before consuming any medication especially if you are currently consuming any medicines for your health. So here are some do’s and dont’s to follow:


  • Follow a good diet especially which is low in calories
  • A medical practitioner’s advice always goes a long way. So consultation is mandatory
  • regular exercise keeps you fit as a fiddle


  • Pregnant or nursing mothers should NOT consume Fenfast 375
  • people having high blood pressure, anemia, anxiety, depression, Parkinson’s disease, ulcers and many more should consult their doctor before consuming this product
  • DO NOT use if you are using anti-coagulant or anti-platelet medications.
  • Cut back on caffeine induced products when you are consuming Fenfast 375 as this product too contains caffeine which may lead to some serious health issues.
  • Over dosage is NOT recommended.

There are many who feel there are cheapest fenfast 375 products available. However, this is not true and there is only one product from Intechra Health which works as a weight loss supplement. You may get cheapest Fenfast 375 alternatives, however, the side effects are unclear. So better buy genuine product without compromising on quality.

Fenfast 375 reviews

Fenfast 375 reviews are quite interesting as some say it works and some say its a false hoax. Let’s get an elaborate view.

Fenfast 375 reviews – Pros

Since it is non-prescriptive, you can easily buy Fenfast 375 which means no depending on your physician for alternate medication such as Adipex. However this works only if you are completely healthy and free from symptoms mentioned earlier. This is one of the reason people prefer Fenfast 375. Other reasons obviously include effective weight loss. There are many who claim that with proper exercise and strict diet regime, they have found profound results.

Fenfast 375 reviews – Cons

On the downside, a consensus claim that Fenfast 375 just doesn’t work. For starters, it is quite expensive and does not deliver even satisfactory results as it claims. For instance, curbing hunger. Many people say that they did not find any difference in their hunger pangs and it still exists.

There are many who look for Fenfast 375 side effects. Though the product does not give any side effects, some people who are sensitive to stimulants may feel jittery or over excited. Fenfast 375 side effects are quite rare to find as many claim that either the product works or it doesn’t. The side effect part is yet to be discovered.

Some of the Fenfast 375 reviews as it is – from real users

Fenfast 375 review No.1: “I really though that I might experience some bad side effects when I planned to buy Fenfast, or I thought that it possibly wouldn’t work at all. I was wrong on both accounts. I haven’t felt any negative side effects and I’ve lost weight. This is a good pill to try if you’re new to OTC diet pills and want something that is safe and is effective when you follow its directions. Just remember that if you want to lose weight you have to work at it. No pill is a substitute for good old fashioned exercise and a healthy low cal, low fat diet. ” – Emore698

Fenfast 375 review No.2: “Aside from losing weight (21 pounds in 5 1/2 weeks) FenFast has really made a difference for my self-esteem. I’m no longer afraid to look in the mirror. Looking better has really helped to improve how I look in my eyes. I know I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without a little extra help. Very, very happy :)” – Cora Petite

Fenfast 375 review No.3: “I was really excited to use this product. Now I have been taking them for around four weeks but I have not feel any difference to talk about. I have not lost out on any weight, even though I have been exercising. Fenfast 375 as it claims does not curb hunger and I still feel mid night cravings. I think I lost my money which is why I would NOT RECOMMEND this to anyone.” – Sam

Fenfast 375 review No.4: “I started out doing exactly what was recommended by Fenfast but it did nothing for me. I have taken it faithfully and haven’t seen any change in my weight.” – Jessica

Overall, keeping in mind all the factors of Fenfast 375, form a decision at your discretion. If you are looking for weight loss, then Fenfast 375 is your product.

Cheapest fenfast 375

Fenfast 375 comes with various discount coupons or Fenfast 375 promo codes which will help in further reduction of price. Simply visit a website which has the best offer and select the promo code/discount coupon you want and the rest is history.



I have heard that DL-Phenylalanine is one of the ingredients of Fenfast 375. Does it cause any side effects?

Fenfast 375 is an FDA approved weight loss supplement with ingredients DL-Phenylalanine, hordenine HCL, 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine. All ingredients are clinically tested and formulated under close supervision. DL-Phenylalanine is likely safe for most people when taken orally as medicine.

What is the recommended dosage for Fenfast 375?

It is recommended to take 2 tablets of Fenfast 375 with 8oz of water in a day. The forst one should be taken in the morning half an hour before breakfast and the second tablet should be taken in the noon, half an hour before lunch.

Will I get Fenfast 375 from amazon?

Yes, Fenfast 375 is an over the counter pill available on Amazon. To avail for the best quality product with discounts and offers, it is recommended to buy Fenfast 375 from their official website

I would like to buy Fenfast 375 capsules for weight loss. Can you just tell me the directions to use Fenfast 375?

Fenfast 375 comes in the form of blue-white spec tablets. Fenfast 375 when taken in conjuction with a healthier diet and phyiscal activity will help your body to burn the excess fat and caloriesby increased metabolism.

I have heard that Fenfast 375 also helps in improving your mood levels. Is it true?

Yes, Fenfast 375 is not just a weight loss supplement that puts you on a strict diet and makes you work out for lng hours. Its an effective foprmula that works for all conditions associated to weight gain. Fenfast 375 contains L-Theanine – an active ingredient of Fenfast 375 that helps you overcome stress and anxiety. It improves your mood and energy levels and make you have a positive attitude about losing weight.

From where to buy Fenfast 375?

Fenfast 375 is an over the counter weight loss pill manufactured by Intechra Health. You can either buy from Intechra Heakth official website or from Amazon. To get the supreme quality product at discounted rates, buy fenfast 375 from Intechra Health website.

Is Fenfast 375 a safe product to use?

Yes, Fenfast 375 is an FDA approved non-prescription dietary supplement that can be used for losing excess fat from your body. This top quality weight loss pill is one of the top rated appetite suppressants available in the market.

Does Fenfast 375 really work?

Yes, Fenfast 375 combines 24*7 working active ingredients t5hat make your weight loss goals simpler and faster. These active ingredients of Fenfast 375 increases your energy levels and improvesyour performance. It helps your body to burn off the excess fat and calories by increasing the speed of your metabolism. Fenfast 375 is a safe supplement to use by everyone.

Is Fenfast 375 an alternative to Adipexin?

Yes, Fenfast 375 is a diet pill that offers a legal alternative to Adipexin and Phentermine. Although Phentermine and Adipexin help in losing weight, they come with side effects – both mild and severedeoending on the body characteristics of the dieter. Fenfast 375 reviews tell that the supplement doesn’t cause much side effects apart from slight jittery feeling and dry mouth.

What are the potential side effects of Fenfast 375?

As per the manufacturers, Fenfast 375 doesn’t cause any side effects. However some people who are senstive to stimulants may experience slight jittery feeling.

What do I do if I see any unusual symptoms after using Fenfast 375?

If you find any ususual symptoms after using Fenfast 375, stop using the medicine., if symptoms worsen, please seek medical assistance.

Is FenFast 375 an alternative to Phentermine?

Yes, Fenfast 375 is a weight loss pill that offers legal alternative to Phentermine. Fenfast 375 was designed to provide weight loss benefits avoiding the side effects which Phentermine caused. If you go through the reviews, you will see that many users moved on to Fenfast 375 after using Phentermine as Pehntermine came with side effects.

Are there any Fenfast 375 promo codes available?

Compared to other precription diet pills, Fenfast 375 is relatively high. You can buy Fenfast 375 at discounted rates and avail for offers using the Fenfast 375 coupon codes. To know more on Fenfast coupon codes, check the official website of Intechra Health as they offerFenfast 375 at disocunted rates and offers.

Is Fenfast 375 available in retail outlets?

No, Fenfast 375 is an OTC pill available only in Intechra Health’s official website and Amazon. It is not avaialble in GNC, wallmart and CVS.

Can I use Fenfast 375 as a bodybuilding supplement?

No, Fenfast 375 is strictly used by dieters for shedding the extra weight from your body. It is used as a weight loss pill and cannot be used for body building.

Where to buy Fenfast 375 cheaper – Walmart, GNC, eBay or Amazon?

For those who are looking to buy this non-prescription diet pill, it is available online but the best palce to buy it online is at the official Fenfast websit by Intechra Health. Its on this site, that you can buy the original product at a discounted price.

Is Fenfast 375 shipped to countries like UK, Australia?

Yes, this US based dietary supplement for weight loss offers international shipping to countries like UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Italia, New Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Brazil, Malaysia and others.

Are there any user testimonials or customer reviews for Fenfast 375?

Yes, there are plenty of customer reviews about this amazing weight loss pill available online. Most of the users who tried Fenfast 375 were very much satisfied with the effectiveness of the product. To know more about the customer reviews about Fenfast 375, check their official website

Does Fenfast 375 have an official forum?

Yes, Fenfast 375 from Intechra Health has their official forum wherein discussions relating to Fenfast 375 and weight loss is held.

Does the product mention side effects in their label?

When it comes to side effects, it depends on the individual who is using the supplement. When taken as per the instructions given in the label, there will be very little or no side effects.

Are there any Fenfast 375 youtube videos available?

Yes, there are many Fenfast 375 vidoes avialable in youtube which gives you a clear picture of how Fenfast 375 works on your body.

Can I give Fenfast 375 for my child to lose weight?

Fenfast 375 is a safe weight loss pill that comes with a blend of powerful ingredients to cut down the excess fat from your body. The manufacturers claim the product to be safe but it is designed for adults of all ages, shapes and sizes who are looking to burn fat.

 Does Fenfast 375 offer any moneyback guarantee?

Unfortunately, Fenfast doesn’t offer any kind of money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you are stuck with it.

Do they offer any free shipping?

3 and 6 bottles of Fenfast 375 qualifies for free shipping.

How much weight can I expect to lose by using Fenfast 375?

Users reported with a weight loss of over 20lbs. Intechra Health claims that Fenfast 375 helps to lose 15-25 pounds in one month.

What are the benefits I can get from Fenfast 375?

Fenfast 375 helps your body to burn more fat and calories with increased metabolism. It increases your energy and performance levels. No more fluctuating mood levels with Fenfast 375. You can cut calories by 50%. Fenfast 375 is a powerful appetite suppressant that reduces your food cravings without making you starve for the whole day. It maintains your energy throughout the day.

What makes Fenfast 375 different from Phen375 andPhentermine?

Fenfast 375 is designed by Intechra Health with an intention to help the dieters to make look slim. When compared to Phentermine, Phen375 and Adipexin, Fenfast 375 comes with very little side effects. The results are just amazing and customers have reviewd the product as the “best slimming pill with no side effects”.

Are there any better alternatives for Fenfast 375?

This is where Fenfast 375 stands unique in the industry. Fenfast 375 is a greta product,. Based on the customer reviews, Fenfast stands superior to most commercial OTC pills from big brands that you can buy.

Is the product available in tablets and capsules?

The original product of Fenfast 375 comes in white and blue speck tablets.

Can I buy Fenfast 375 from eBay?

Fenfast 375 is currently sold on Amazon but not on eBay.


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