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A product from Intechra health, Phenblue helps you to lose weight naturally without any side effects. View the article here to know how to buy Phenblue, benefits, the reviews from real users, side effects if any and many more.

It’s not always your fault. Being overweight/obesity is one of the factors that is rocking the nation and not in a good way. But there are many underlying factors that come with being overweight such as genetics, lack of exercise, thyroid dysfunction and so on. Obesity are also related to psychological issues such as feeling of loneliness, low self-esteem, irritative behaviour which makes us eat more and curb the unnecessary craving or which gives a momentary relief to our body and mind. But is it really worth? Think twice.

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Now some of you may even take the first step with a pinch of motivation from friends or ourselves but then some things fall out of place and you lose control. This breaks your self-detemination causing you to gobble up whatever you lay your hands on without a single regret. Heck, many of you may have even tried pills, crash diets currently trending which leads to either more weight gain or a tired feeling. But it’s time that you respect your body now.

Think about the correct way to lose weight. There are four steps:

  1. Self-determination
  2. Proper exercise
  3. Healthy approach to food
  4. Natural diet pills that actually work

You need to begin from scratch. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and begin a new life with some determination. Healthy approach to food doesn’t mean surviving only on raw vegetables. A healthy diet includes moderate amount of salt (Major reason for weight gain), low calorie junk foods (probably once a week), cutting down on sugar intake (another reason for obesity) and including lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. You can also take a walk, practice yoga/meditation etc. which will raise the level of confidence and determination in you thereby motivating you to a better self.

If you are planning to buy Phenblue make sure you are buying from a valid site or their official website which is to ensure that your money is in safe hands and you are not delivered with fake products.

Phenblue unlike other diet pills does not contain harmful components which may give harmful side effects. Intechra Health claims that they believe in a healthy body and not leaner body filled with various diseases due to ill effects of medicine. This is the reason why Phenblue is one of the favoured diet pills in the market.

How does Phenblue work?

Phenblue supports weight loss but in a healthy way. The main motive is to get you back in an ideal and perfectly toned body rather than giving you a shapeless appearance. How normal diet pills or crash diet works is they consume lean muscle for deriving the much required energy. This inhibits loss of fat but also eats up your muscle which will make you look “uneven”.

You may see thousands of people with a perfect body shape and a toned body. This is what you get when you buy Phenblue. The components of Phenblue promotes burning of the excess fat stored in your body such as buttocks, stomach, thighs etc. without utilising the muscles. Phenblue works by using a thermogenesis process which means heating up the body so that fat can be burned easily thereby doubling your metabolic level.

Another feature of Phenblue is curbing the appetite. This is common even for me. Not one day goes without unwanted cravings or uninvited hunger pangs especially when we see something enticing our mouth. Phenblue helps in controlling the appetite of your tummy. This is a natural approach of putting a top to your hunger attacks without putting you on a crash diet which makes you starve, literally.

Unlike Phenblue diet pills, many diets or capsules will makes you feel worn out even before your body actually does. This is due to the restrictive diet which puts your mind and body on hold that will ultimately make you snap and lose control. Another point you can note here is whenever you hit the gym especially when you are on a diet, you will feel tired after a certain point where your body can’t take the pressure of dieting, exercising any more. With Phenblue and its active ingredients, you can at least increase the level of weight loss effort to a certain extent. This will help in your day to day lives by giving you the much needed stamina so that your day passes all productive and positive.

Phenblue ingredients

Phenblue ingredients are not all magic portion but they are true and genuine stuff which are made using proprietary formula to aid weight loss. The key ingredients of Phenblue are:

  • 7-Keo DHEA – one of the main ingredients of Phenblue, did you know that it is actually found in your own body. Yes, belive it or not it naturally occurs in the body which helps in raising the energy of DHEA hormone. It triggers a thermogenesis response in the body thereby emanating heat so as to burn more fat easily.
  • 5-Hydroxytryptophan – an amino acid by all means, this too is produced by the body naturally. Whenever we consume foods containing tryptophan, the level of 5-HTP increases. This Phenblue ingredient will help in holding back your appetite (especially hunger pangs) thereby providing good weight loss.
  • Epigallocatechin 3-Gallate – getting lot of hype from recent years, Epigallocatechin 3-Gallate or better known as ECGC is all benefiting for your body by promoting effective weight loss. It is usually found in your green tea and helps in prevention of cellular damage. When included in Phenblue diet pills, it
  • Forskolin – extracted from the plant Coleus Forskohlii, Forskolin has been used for centuries as part of traditional medicine. As per many clinical studies it has been shown that Forskolin promotes healthy growth of muscles without increasing the body fat. Not many know that muscles have the capacity to burn fat and calories to a good extent. In this way, when the muscles of your body increases, more calories/fats are burned every day. It is much better than people who consume placebo as the reduction of weight loss is comparatively quite less. Forskolin in Phenblue also helps in speedening up the fat burning process and when combined with good amount of exercises such as cardio, the results are incredible.

An alternative to Phentermine – Phenblue

Phenblue is often considered an alternative to Phentermine due to various reasons. Many know how Phentermine works. It’s an antibiotic medication which needs approval of a medical doctor to consume. It is majorly used for weight loss and its related risks such as high blood pressure, diabetes and many more.

Many people still ingest Phentermine in their body knowing its side effects that is delivered to the body. Those who are not aware, Phentermine delivers various side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, irritability etc. Serious allergic reactions include breathing trouble, dizziness, swelling of face/throat, mood changes, uncontrolled anger, chest pain etc.

Phenblue of course does not trigger such serious side effects to your body and is a safe bet. Hence it is considered a safe alternative to Phentermine.

Fenfast vs Phenblue

Well, for starters both are weight loss products from the same company – Intechra Health, so it is quite difficult to determine which one is the best. I’ve looked upon various websites to find how the products work – Fenfast vs Phenblue in people and this is what they have to say.


  • Actually works in curbing your appetite
  • Doesn’t induce morning jitters
  • Induces a calm and soothing mood in your brain
  • Does not dry out your mouth or promote fluttering sensation in heartbeats like Phentermine
  • Steady results unlike many diet pills that helps to lose weight easily but can trigger side effects
  • Doesn’t work with caffeine induced foods as the product itself contains caffeine which can make you feel kind of ‘buzzed’
  • Not as powerful as Adipex but many people have lost weight smoothly
  • Does not require prescription unlike many antibiotic drugs


  • Visible results within a week
  • Unbelievable energy levels (as claimed by some users)
  • Happy and positive mood throughout the day
  • The pills can be quite hard to swallow unless provoked with something liquid such as milk/water
  • Some users lose around 4-6 pounds within a week (although it comes with proper exercise and diet regime)
  • Shrinks your hunger pangs without tiring you off
  • Need to consume only two pills unlike other drugs which require consumption of 4-12 pills a day which can be frustrating

Overall, Fenfast and Phenblue are both effective in their own ways. But if you do not want caffeine in your diet pill, then you better stay away from Fenfast and go with Phenblue.

Phenblue dosage

Phenblue is a blue pill that comes in a bottle that contains 60 capsules which will last you for almost a month. The recommended dosage is consumption of a capsule twice a day.

Intechra health also gives out a warning that women who are pregnant, nursing should NOT consume these diet pills. Those who are dealing with heart ailments or currently under medication SHOULD ALSO AVOID the consumption completely.

Phenblue side effects

Looking up side effects of Phenblue was a difficult task since the product actually works and real users claim they did not feel much of a serious “side effect” issue while consuming Phenblue. However, Intechra Health does put up some warning regarding mixing it with other stimulants rather than explaining the possible side effects of their product.

After lot of research on websites, I found some possible side effects that the users may suffer from especially because of the individual ingredients.

Some stimulants such as caffeine may trigger nausea or in some cases insomnia especially when you are consuming at night
7-Keto DHEA has the capability to increase male hormones in the body. It can also lead to hairfall or acne.
5-HTP can induce certain side effects such as seeing spots, tremors, shivering, rapid heartbeats, hypothermia etc.

Note that these are the unpleasant side effects of Phenblue but you need not be concerned if you are consuming as per the correct dosage recommended. Also note that the reviews from people really speak volumes that Phenblue works without triggering any harmful side effects and with proper consumption, you have nothing to worry about.

Phenblue reviews

Phenblue reviews just like Fenfast are many from real dieters who feel the product actually works. Yes. Believe it or not, I spent a lot of time finding the right reviews from users who want to say anything negative about Phenblue but interestingly, I could not find any.

Many users claim that they were a bit finicky about choosing Phenblue as they were feeling satisfied with phentermine. But after the knowing/undergoing the serious effects of Phentermine, they opted for a safest bet. After opting for Phenblue, they lost their weight, noticed good changes such as in their mood, not to mention losing around 3-4 pounds in a week.

During initial 2-3 days, they did feel jittery or had dealt with frequent headaches, but that was solved once they started consuming Phenblue on a regular basis.

While looking on the downside, you can see that Phenblue is quite expensive when compared to other diet pills in the market and the regular consumption of the product only makes it difficult especially if you are on a budget. You can also note that Intechra Health doesn’t provide the exact proportions of the content included which makes it difficult to understand the level of involvement of a particular product.

Bottomline, Phenblue is not such a bad product and can be safely used once you determine yourself to lose weight. It is a non-prescriptive drug but as always we do recommend consulting your medical practitioner before ingesting any medication.



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